Drag Central

NEW IN GAME PARTS!!! (as if there weren't enough already) there are 100 total different parts to choose from for you car now!


and i will be moving the files to a new server soon seeing as there are lots n lots of errors on that host. poop

Drag Central

Drag Central is an old drag racing game that i have personally decided to bring back up. The only reason it failed before is because not many people knew about it. So, I am personally re-releasing the game to the public as of July 30, 2010!


I will  update the following over time:

New cars! (these files are difficult to edit, so it may be awhile until i get these files finished and released)

New parts!

and the overall look of the game!


I will also do competitions for free memberships and in game cash! There will eventually be a website based Used Car Lot and tons more! Keep your eyes on the forums and Calendar for release dates on parts, cars and competitions! And most of all, Have fun on Drag Central!